Kentucky Gold Saline Drench Electrolytes, B vitamins and energy saline drench for horses. Aids in recovery from strenuous exercise.



Each 300g sachet provides: Vitamin B Complex and balanced electrolytes Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Chloride, Sulphates, Propionate, Acetate, Citrate and Vitamin E 2,000iu all in rapid and completely water soluble form.


300g Powder in a sealed foil sachet


This unique concentrate saline drench is formulated to provide high levels of B vitamins,  (essential for the energy production processes during strenuous exercise), the highest levels of  balanced electrolytes currently available, added energy in the form of volatile fatty acids (which  do not produce lactic acid when metabolised for energy), and the potent antioxidant, Vitamin E, (for maximum antioxidant effect and muscle recovery). Administration of a saline drench before strenuous exercise ensures that body fluid balance, energy production processes and antioxidant protection are all operating at optimum levels so muscle recovery will be as rapid as  possible.


Mix contents in 1-2 litres of water and stir briefly until all contents are dissolved. Administer by  stomach tube immediately and allow horse access to fresh, clean drinking water as soon as practicable.


Kentucky Gold Saline Drench is of particular value whenever horses are fed high levels of grain and concentrate feeds, which are usually deficient in B vitamins. Suitable for all classes of horse, this saline drench concentrate may be used before racing, eventing, endurance,  jumping, hacking or any pleasure event, especially when temperatures are high and sweating is likely. Always ensure adequate fresh, clean drinking water is readily available after  administration. Kentucky Gold Saline Drench can safely be administered in conjunction with other supplements.

Kentucky Gold Saline Drench may be given mixed well into feed, or by mixing with a small  volume of water for oral administration. Kentucky Gold Saline Drench is of particular value in  combination with BC5aa or Alpha Aminos in horses prone to muscle soreness and tying up, or poor recovery after exercise.

Kentucky Gold Saline Drench provides the highest levels of balanced electrolytes available,  plus highly available volatile fatty acids for energy without acidosis, antioxidants for cell protection, and the complete range of B vitamins for maximum energy production from the  ration. Kentucky Gold Saline Drench is rapidly and completely water soluble, even in cold water.





Kentucky Gold Saline Drench contains no prohibited substances. If in doubt, always check with local racing jurisdiction.



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