Randlab’s International product range

About Randlab

Randlab has based its business on four core pillars being; Quality, Service, Value and Care.


Our commitment to quality starts with the sourcing of only the finest raw pharmaceuticals and ingredients for our products.

From there we manufacture all of our products in facilities that are GMP approved through the Australian regulator, the APVMA.

We carefully follow each batch of our manufactured product with strict Quality Assurance (QA) testing in government approved independent laboratories.


 We have a simple philosophy with our service – The customer comes first and the relationship is of utmost value to Randlab.  We pride ourselves on the personal level of service that we offer our veterinarian, wholesaler and institutional partners throughout the world. If you have yet to use our products, contact us HERE to discuss how our products and service can help you and your business.


Randlab cares very deeply about its involvement in the equine and veterinary community globally. We are active in selected equine and veterinary charities throughout the world.

You can find Randlab at every major equine veterinary conference and further education event.


Randlab understands that owning horses for whatever need can be expensive. We also understand and support equine veterinarians by providing our products at a cost competitive level.

Our commitment to these  four pillars have ensured that we can continue to grow, research new products and deliver products that meet the needs of horse owners and equine veterinarians alike.

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